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Registration details – HAMMER IN 2019
Dates – accommodation

For using the camp side we charge a non-recurring fee of 5€ incl. VAT per tent, car or mobile home.

HotelinfoI need information about hotels in the area.

During the HAMMER IN we offer all visitors traditional local BBQ specialities. For registered blacksmiths there is also the option of pre-ordering the following lunch menus, to have a bigger variety when staying several days.

Lunch menus


Pre-order a HAMMER IN 2019 T-Shirt for 25€

Tools and machines

For the blacksmithing meeting we need a lot of tools, like anvils, forges, hand tools or even mobile power hammers. If you can bring something to support the festival, please let us know - we would really appreciate it.

Tools will be used in the group project area and the free forging area. Please mark everything you bring to prevent confusion.

While the group project area is used for courses (Wednesday and Thursday) and the big group project (Friday to Sunday), the free forge area is for all registered participants to do their own small projects and to teach each other something and exchange ideas.

If you are able to bring a tent or a pavilion in order to expand the free forge area, that would be great to be prepared for all weather conditions.

tools to borrowOther registered participants are allowed to use my tools.


As a big group project we will build a pavilion for Sperberslohe, on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the village.

When many help together we can create something great, have fun and learn something new.

I want to take part at the group forging project

We encourage all participants to bring their own artwork and exhibit it at the HAMMER IN.

Freestanding, weatherproof work is suited best, because indoor exhibition space is limited – please give us some details about the work you want to show.

As soon as you arrive at the HAMMER IN, please appear at the registration. There you will get your name tag, your pre-ordered t-shirts and food stamps, as well as other important information’s.

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I have read the privacy policy and I agree that my data will be used for organizing the HAMMER IN 2019.

Privacy Policy

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