What is the HAMMER IN?

The small village Sperberslohe in the south of Nuremberg (GER) is turning into a metropolis of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary metal art from the 26th to the 28th of July.
For the fourth time, the HAMMER IN will take place there – a blacksmithing meeting that draws blacksmiths and metal gestalters from all over the world to Franconia.

During the three days, visitors will have the opportunity to experience live forging demonstrations, hear the hammers, feel the fire and experience a craft like never before. The HAMMER IN is intended to bring contemporary blacksmithing and modern metalwork closer to the public and to enthuse children and young people for the craft.

It is equally important to show how easy the international blacksmithing community can overcome language barriers and national borders in order to live, work and celebrate together.

For the HAMMER IN 2019, we expect craftspeople from over 15 nations.

While a dense program awaits visitors at the weekend, the gates will open for registered visitors already on Wednesday, July 24th.

Everyone who is interested in metal craft is welcome at the HAMMER IN.

In addition to lectures and panel discussions with local and international speakers, experienced colleagues, trainees as well as dedicated hobbyists can take part in different forging and casting courses.

As a big group project this year, on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the village, a forged pavilion for Sperberslohe will be created.
It is designed and planned by an international team of blacksmiths and metal designers around the themes of freedom, equality, solidarity and human rights.

In addition to the group project, registered participants can work on their own ideas and projects at the free forge area during the day and celebrate in the evening in a cozy campfire atmosphere.
The majority of the blacksmiths spend the nights in a familiar festival vibe at the tent and caravan site right on the HAMMER IN grounds.

To the registration form for blacksmiths and metal artists.

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